Honda radio code unlock free

Unlock your Honda radio code by the serial number found on the unit screen or case label. Works for any model and country.

The unlock process is free and there are no hidden actions you need to do. Get your code instantly. Only for a limited time!

Civic Accord Jazz CR-V Odyssey Fit

Instant code unlock

Your code is intantly shown on screen with no cost.

How to find the serial number on the screen

Retrieve from the screen (newer than 2001)

  • Turn the ignition switch to ON and ensure you can read ‘COde’ on the radio display. If you can’t see it, pull the backup fuse for one minute and try again.
  • Press and hold down the preset buttons 1 and 6 and turn ON the device.
  • The serial number is shown completely on the screen (8 digits) or split into two screens. Example: U0093 L2200
  • Get rid of the U and L letters and keep your 8 digits serial number.

honda radio serial on screen

How to find the serial number on the label

Honda radio serial on the case label

Applies for any Honda radio model

  • Remove your radio from the centre dashboard using a screwdriver.
  • Find the serial number on the radio case label.

Why is my Honda requesting the anti-theft radio code?

Commonly every Honda radio comes with an anti-theft system which is triggered after a car power loss. This may protect you from thieves but becomes a disappointment when it happens to you, as an owner. Normally this occurs when the battery is replaced or it gets completely dead.

honda civic car

How to enter your Honda radio code

Once you have your Honda anti-theft radio code, turn ON your sound device and enter the code using the preset buttons. Once entered completely, the radio should start working automatically.

Honda radio code Canada and Europa

Maybe you have tried the original Honda site but you have noticed that is not working with your European or Canadian VIN number. On this site, you can unlock your Honda radio code even if you don't have a Honda purchased on the United States.


My Honda radio code is not working

If the codes returned by the unlock system are not working, you need to ensure you have entered correctly the serial number. Additionally, you can contact us by live chat or email.

I need a 4 digit Honda code

If your Honda radio model is requesting a 4 digits code then we cannot help you. Our system only works for the Honda 5 digits code.

My serial returned too many codes

If your serial returned too many codes (up to 20), you may have 4000 series serial. For any reason, those serials return many codes and you need to try it all to know which one is the correct. If your Honda radio gets locked trying too many codes, remove the battery fuse for a few minutes and try again. The locked status should be restarted.

My serial is invalid

If you are trying to enter a valid Honda serial but the system says is not correct, please contact us. Sometimes there are some serials which are not accepted by the system but we can unlock manually.