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Get your Honda radio code in 3 simple steps

Fast & Simple. Works with any Honda model and year

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Step 1. How it works

Retrieve your Honda radio or navigation code using this website by providing the serial number of the device you want to unlock. This service is 24h available and works for any Honda model and year.

Step 2. Find your serial number

For 2001 or later models, you may obtain the serial number from the device display.

  • 1 Turn the ignition switch to ON and confirm that the display reads “CODE”
  • 2 Turn OFF your radio and then hold down the pre-set button 1 and 6 whilst turning it ON.
  • For 2003 Accord Navigation use the top halves of SEEK/SKIP and CH/DISC instead pre-set buttons 1 & 6.
  • 3 Your serial number is displayed with one of the next formats: U1234L5678 or 12345678.
Your radio may be different.
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Step 3. Get your radio code

Enter the serial number of the device that you want to unlock and receive the code instantly via email.

NICE. Valid serial detected

You will receive the radio code instantly after the purchase via email.

  • Serial Number U7800L9200
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