2007 Honda Accord radio code reset

Looking to reset your 2007 Honda Accord radio code? Consider it found. Follow our fast guide and you’ll have your music playing in minutes.

2007 Honda Accord radio code reset

We have to understand that the 4-digit code that our radio or navigation asks for is a security standard that protects us against theft. This system is activated whenever the car battery is disconnected. However, this system has become a nuisance for most 2007 Accord owners, so let’s see how to reset it. It works for the standard radio and for the model with navigation.

How do I get my 2007 Accord 4 digit code?

There are several ways to find the activation code for your radio or navigation. Use the one that best suits your situation.

Reset your radio code online

For this method you need the serial number of your radio. If you have the navigation model, you will need the serial number of the radio and the serial number of the navigation unit. Click the button bellow to open our unlock portal. We ensure the correct code.

Visit a Honda dealership

You need to have the papers of the car, more precisely the one containing the VIN number. This process is usually free of charge.

Get code from Honda site

You can also reset the 4-digit code for your Accord 2007 radio on the official website. You need the VIN, serial number and your personal details, such as email, ZIP and phone number.

Where do I find my radio serial number?

Put the car key in accessory mode and ensure the radio is turn OFF and hold the buttons 1 and 6 while with the other hand, press the power button. The serial appears split in two screens. Example: U1243 and L1604. The complete serial would be U1243L1604. You need to put it like this in the unlock portal to get your 2007 Honda Accord radio code.

Honda Accord 2007 radio serial number

Where do I find my navi serial number?

Open the trunk and look under the navigation unit. You should see a serial number label that looks something like this: GCB28016248. It is important to know that the radio code is unlocked with the serial number of the radio while the navigation code is unlocked with the serial number of the trunk.

2007 Honda Accord navigation serial number

How to enter Honda Accord 2007 radio code?

If you have the standard only radio system, enter the 4-digit code using the preset buttons. Once you see “COdE” on screen, press the button 6. If the code is correct, the radio beeps and starts working.

Radio with navigation

For this model you should look at the upper display. Rotate the right round button until you see the first digit of the code and press it to confirm. Continue entering the second, third and fourth digits. If the code is correct, you will hear a “Beep” and the radio will start working normally.